Join Smiles, the dental health plan by Dental Surgery Group.

A tailor-made scheme designed to meet our patients' needs and reflects our preventive philosophy.

The Smiles Dental Health Plan enables you to spread the cost of your family's dental care—simply choose the plan that suits you best.

Why should you join the Smiles Dental Health Plan?

We believe that the plan gives you the best chance of maintaining your dental health for life.

Participating in our plan gives you all the benefits of independent dental treatment:

  • Choice of your dentist with more time with your dentist as well as personal service;

  • More convenient appointment times;

  • Prompt treatment;

  • 10% discount on other treatments;

  • Free small X-rays;

  • Opportunity to spread the cost of routine care over a 12-month period;

  • Regular examinations and preventive advice;

  • Greater choice of materials and higher quality laboratory work for better result;

  • Greater range of options available as cosmetic treatments are excluded from the NHS.

What is different about the Smiles Dental Health Plan?

Under the plan your regular dental and hygiene/prevention visits are taken care off and you only need to pay for any treatments if they are needed.You only pay for what you need or want. Other plans charge a monthly fee that can be in excess of what you personally need.

Types of Smiles Dental Health Plans
For patients aged 18 and over we offer the following two options:

Standard level - £20 per month*

  • 2 dental examinations each year;

  • 2 hygiene/prevention visits to provide plaque control and plaque removal (plaque is the enemy of dental health and the cause of gum disease, bleeding, tooth decay, tooth loss, bad breath and heart disease);

  • Guaranteed regular appointments;

  • Routine X-rays when required;

  • 10% of other treatment costs (fillings, crown etc).

Extended level - £31.50 per month*

  • As standard level, but with two extra hygiene/prevention visits for those patients who need extra help in controlling plaque.


The following items are excluded from both plans:

  • Orthodontic treatment;

  • Implants;

  • Necessary medicines and drugs for home use;

  • General Anaesthesia, IV Sedation, Hypnosis, Inhalation Sedation;

  • Local Anaesthesia charge with the hygienist (£5 per visit);

  • Oral hygiene products and aids;

  • Treatment provided on referral to another dentist;

  • out-of-hours emergency treatment;

  • Charges for broken appointments (and see clause 8 of the agreement).

How to join the Smiles Dental Health Plan

We're excited to have you on board!

Please call in at the practice to complete an agreement. This will require your signature and bank account details for the direct debit mandate.

If you require any advice on which plan is more suited to your dental needs please feel free to speak to your dentist.

Payments will be collected by direct debit on the 5th of every month.

Those enrolling before the 20th of the month will be covered from the 5th of the following month. The cost of our plans will be reviewed every year and you will be notified at least on or before 1st December each year of the charges which will apply from the following 1st April.

If you have any queries, a member of staff will be happy to assist you!

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download smiles agreement
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Leaving the scheme

We hope that once you have enrolled you will continue to participate in the scheme throughout your time as a patient at one of our practices.

However, we appreciate that your circumstances may change and so you may withdraw from the scheme at any time.

Withdrawal will be effective 3 calendar months after a written instruction is received at the practice (see clause 4 of your scheme agreement).

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If you have any problems

We always aim to offer the highest quality care to our patients. Please do not hesitate to raise any problems or queries with your dentist and we will do our best to resolve them.

We have a practice complaints scheme which will deal with any complaints about the plan or the care and treatment we provide under it.

Our Complaints Officer is Dr Bindi Shah.

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